Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does Health Information Associates offer?

Health Information Associates offers medical coding services, medical auditing services, and clinical documentation audit services for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, physician groups and other healthcare entities. We offer PRN support as well as total outsource support. We also offer our medical coding audit and data analytics software, Atom Audit.  

Which markets or settings do you serve?

Health Information Associates offers solutions for the following markets: short-term acute, general medicine/surgical, pediatric, academic/teaching, critical access, rehab, long-term acute, skilled nursing, surgery center, pain center, infusion center, wound center, cancer center, dialysis, and imaging center.   

Do you offer medical coding services or only medical coding audits?

How soon can I expect results from my medical coding audit?

Clients can expect preliminary reports immediately upon completion of the audit. Comprehensive executive reports are available for Coding Leadership, Quality Assurance and Compliance departments within 2-3 weeks after completion of the audit. Action Plans and continuing education are included in the executive reports package.  

Why do I need a medical coding audit?

It is recommended that any hospital that collects governmental reimbursement undergo routine audits. Medical coding audits are a preventative measure to catch potential compliance errors that could result in liabilities or investigations. These compliance related issues can also impact your bottom line, your organization’s reputation, and most importantly, the level of care you deliver to your patients. Audits help to mitigate compliance risks, ensure appropriate reimbursement, identify educational opportunities for coders, CDI staff and Providers, while also helping to accurately reflect the acuity level and needs of your patient population. Learn more about what to expect from your medical coding audit »

How much does a medical coding audit cost?

A better question would be, what is the potential cost to your organization if you are not performing routine audits?  Often times, and depending on audit focus, these engagements pay for themselvesCosts will vary based upon the size and scope of the audit. Coding audit companies typically can charge by the hour or per record audited. Learn more about what to expect from your medical coding audit audit »

What are the different types of coding audits?

Here are a few types of medical coding audits we perform on a routine basis: DRG validation, pre-bill reviews, retro reviews, random sample, targeted, inpatient, outpatient, ASC, profee, E&M, surgical CPT, interventional radiology, new coder reviews, mortality reviews, new provider reviews, & investigatory reviews. Learn more about what to expect from your medical coding audit audit »

How do you audit a medical coder?

HIA Consultants evaluate coding assignments to ensure that they are supported by clinical documentation within the record and are in accordance with the official coding guidelines. Medical coding audits should consist of reliable and consistent recommendations, delivered in a constructive and educational manner. These are the qualities that are imperative to a successful engagement with a medical coding and audit review company.  

How do you select a medical coding company?

When selecting an external auditing company to perform your medical coding audit, you should keep in mind your overall audit objective and ask yourself the following: Does the company provide a review that meets your audit parameters? Do they schedule a review prep call and have consistent communication throughout the audit? Do they offer an audit exit call to discuss any review findings with you and your team in a clear and educational manner? What type of reports are provided to you after the review? Does the company provide any continuing coder or provider education? Do they have a rebuttal process in place? 

How much do medical coding auditors make?

The national average for a Medical Coding Reviewer is $70,000/year. Salary or hourly compensation is based off of level of education, credentials and experience. 

Does Health Information Associates have a medical coding audit tool?

Yes, HIA has released Atom Audit, a cloud-based application that allows
auditors to perform comprehensive medical coding reviews. One user costs less than $15/day for our Essentials Package, which gives you access to our Inpatient, Outpatient and Professional Fee modules.