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Ambulatory Surgery Centers

ASC Coding - Outsourced Coding Support and Audits


Health Information Associates is the leading provider in ASC coding, auditing and education. And we know that even for the most experienced coder, advanced CPT surgical coding can be a challenge. We're here to help.


Our comprehensive approach

We understand the challenges Ambulatory Surgery Centers face.

  • Optimizing reimbursement
  • Claims denials, audits, fines, and exclusion from federal payer programs
  • No 'go-to' resource for coding advice/educational and developmental resources  

Rarely does an ASC have the luxury of a dedicated coding manager, much less an educator and internal auditor. HIA’s service is aimed at providing a reliable resource to address all three important functions and more.

Revenue Integrity

Coder Development

Focused Audits

Denials and Appeals

Quality Assurance

Account Resolution

Coder Assessment


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