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Spinal Fusion Coding eBook

Spinal Fusion Coding

Download our 14-part education series eBook on Spinal Fusion Coding


CPT Breast Coding eBook

CPT Breast Coding

There are many different types of breast procedures, each having potential stumbling-blocks for coders. Download our 6-part educational series eBook CPT Breast Coding.


Sepsis Coding eBook

Sepsis Coding

Sepsis remains one of the most common diagnoses found in denials. Download our 5-part series on Sepsis Coding to learn some tools on how to prevent denials on a sepsis record.


Acute Kidney Injury Coding eBook

AKI Coding

AKI/ARF is reported often, but is also one of the most common diagnosis found in denials. Download our 5-part series to learn more about AKI and how to prevent denials on AKI/ARF records.


Clinical Documentation Integrity eBook

Clinical Documentation Integrity

This is a 3-part series in which we address how coders can better interact with Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) professionals. 


Single Path Coding eBook

Single Path Coding

In our White Paper, you'll learn the best steps to take for a successful implementation of Single Path Coding.



How to Reduce Claims Denials

Download our eBook for some tips to avoid the headache that comes with claims denials.


What to Consider Before an Audit

What to Consider Before an Audit

Download our eBook to learn what to consider before your next medical coding audit.



Social Determinants of Health infograph

Social Determinants of Health

Download our infographic on SDOH.


Coder and CDI Communication infograph

Coder & CDI Communication

Download our infographic on coder and CDI communication.


Coding Education

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