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Acute Kidney Injury Coding

Enhance your coding expertise with our eBook and complementary Free Guide on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). These resources together offer a thorough exploration of AKI, from understanding its basics and diagnostic processes to mastering specificity coding and avoiding claim denials. The eBook delves into AKI's clinical indicators and documentation requirements, while the Free Guide focuses on its pathophysiology and essential coding queries. Perfect for coders aiming to refine their practices and elevate documentation standards, these guides equip you with the knowledge to tackle AKI coding challenges confidently.



Breast Reconstruction CPT Coding

Master the complexities of coding for breast reconstruction with our expert eBook and Free Guide. The eBook delves into essential aspects, from implant reconstructions and autologous tissue flaps to the strategic use of acellular dermal matrices. It highlights the critical factors needed for accurate coding and ensuring correct reimbursement. Complementing this, the Free Guide offers decision trees designed to streamline the coding process for post-mastectomy reconstructions, aiding coders in navigating procedural nuances with ease. These resources provide a comprehensive toolkit for precise and efficient coding.



Sepsis Coding

Elevate your coding capabilities for sepsis with our concise eBook and complimentary Self-Assessment. Our eBook breaks down the complexities of sepsis coding, covering everything from the basics of what sepsis is to the nuances of ICD-10-CM documentation, including diagnosis sequencing, severe sepsis reporting, and clinical indicators. It also offers strategies to avoid sepsis-related claim denials. To further enhance your understanding, our Free Sepsis Coding Self-Assessment allows you to apply what you’ve learned by analyzing scenarios and answering key questions, helping you to refine your coding practices.



Spinal Fusion Coding

Dive into the intricacies of spinal fusion coding with our expert eBook, designed to elevate your coding accuracy, ensure compliance, and optimize reimbursement. It thoroughly covers fusion reasons, procedural specifics, and additional interventions like discectomy and nerve monitoring. Enhance your expertise further with our Free Spinal Fusion Coding Self-Assessment, offering a scenario-based quiz to test your knowledge and refine your coding skills.


Free Guides

Documentation Types for Medical Coding by Setting (1)

Documentation Types for Medical Coding by Setting

This document is essential for healthcare providers and coders who aim to ensure precise coding and billing, adhering to the specific coding guidelines, payer policies, and regulatory requirements in each context.


Free Download What to Consider Before your Next Coding Audit

What to Consider Before an Audit

From coding audit type to budget, here’s a detailed guide on what you need to know before your next medical coding audit. 



Guide to Coding Acute Kidney Injury

This helpful guide provides an overview of the pathophysiology of AKI, things to consider when coding for AKI and questions you should ask yourself to improve your coding of this significant diagnosis.



Sepsis Coding Self Assessment

Enhance your sepsis coding skills with this free self-assessment. Analyze a provided scenario and respond to four questions to test your knowledge.



Spinal Fusion Coding Self Assessment

This free self assessment will help sharpen your skills in spinal fusion coding. Review the scenario presented and answer four questions to test your knowledge of spinal fusion coding. 



CPT Coding for Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

This free guide offers two downloadable decision trees specifically designed to assist with the coding process for post-mastectomy breast reconstruction procedures. 


Clinical Documentation Integrity eBook

Clinical Documentation Integrity

This is a 3-part series in which we address how coders can better interact with Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) professionals. 


Single Path Coding eBook

Single Path Coding

In our White Paper, you'll learn the best steps to take for a successful implementation of Single Path Coding.



How to Reduce Claims Denials

Download our eBook for some tips to avoid the headache that comes with claims denials.


medical coding audit checklist

Ultimate Medical Coding Audit Checklist

This Ultimate Medical Coding Audit Checklist streamlines the complex process of reviewing medical records, ensuring that all coding practices are accurate and in compliance with relevant regulations.



Social Determinants of Health infograph

Social Determinants of Health

Download our infographic on SDOH.


Coder and CDI Communication

Coder & CDI Communication

Download our infographic on coder and CDI communication.


Coding Education

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