The People Behind The Numbers


Angie and Joel toast at Salamander Resort, VA.
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HIA's CEO, Betsy Bailey, at Salamander Resort, VA
HIA IT Team at Salamander Resort, VA.
Tricycle racing at Amelia Island, FL
Ziplining at Salamander Resort, VA.
Angie, Betsy, and Christie in Napa Valley, CA
Pat Maccariella-Hafey and falcon at Salamander Resort, VA
Team building at Salamander Resort, VA
Review Consultants at our Annual Meeting
Amy Pang and Zahra Ghahremani at HIA Annual Meeting
CSI Team Building at Annual Meeting
Amanda Roeschke horseback riding at Amelia Island, FL
Celebrating Katherine's retirement at our Corporate office.
HIA crew at our 2010 AHIMA event The Office
Trina Pitsch, Profee Coding Specialist at HIA

"Everyone is so helpful and knowledgeable. I feel supported by my upline and like I'm an important part of the team. I am not just a 'number'."

Trina Pitsch

Pro Coding Specialist at HIA 

Donna Franke, Inpatient Coding Specialist at HIA

"The people at HIA are amazing. I have never worked for a company that appreciates and supports their employees as much as HIA. They treat you like family."

Donna Franke

Inpatient Coding Specialist at HIA

Justin Jamali, Review Consultant at HIA

"It is great to work with positive and talented people. The company is very supportive towards your success."

Justin Jamali

Review Consultant at HIA


Annie Latterell, Inpatient Coding Specialist at HIA

"Support! Plain and simple. Support with education. Support with new obstacles. Support by teammates who work far away!"

Annie Latterell

Inpatient Coding Specialist at HIA

Ryan Hiller, Inpatient Coding Specialist at HIA

"I’ve never felt more supported as a coder than I do here at HIA and I consider myself extremely blessed and fortunate to be with someone who supports their coders like HIA does... I want to reciprocate in kind with my coding and it all motivates me to strive to be a better coder." 

Ryan Hiller

Inpatient Coding Specialist at HIA