Medical Coding and Auditing for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers 


Partnering with a quality medical coding and auditing company like HIA brings several advantages to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). We offer specialized expertise and experience in ASC coding and compliance, with skilled coders and auditors who are well-versed in ASC-specific guidelines and regulations.

By outsourcing coding and auditing tasks, ASC staff can focus on core responsibilities, improving efficiency and productivity within the center.

Compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial, and a reputable coding and auditing company ensures adherence to these standards, reducing the risk of penalties and audits.

Accurate coding is essential for optimal reimbursement and revenue optimization, and professional coding services maximize revenue capture while identifying any errors or missed opportunities.

HIA is the leading provider in ASC coding, auditing and education. Our credentialed coders are up to date on all Evaluation and Management (E/M) and CPT coding guidelines. HIAs consulting service identifies specific areas of financial and compliance risk, provides pertinent information and educates clients on proper documentation, billing and coding practices.


Our comprehensive approach

Ambulatory Surgery Centers partner with us for:


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How to Reduce Claims Denials

The reimbursement landscape is already a complicated one – and the highly-complex claims denials process only adds fuel to the fire. A denied claim is one that has been determined by a payor to be in appropriate. Once a coding specialist amends the errors on a rejected claim, they can resubmit it for consideration. The time-intensive process has a significant impact on the cash flow for any setting in the healthcare environment. They are also very costly to appeal. Download our eBook for some tips to avoid the headache that comes with claims denials.


ASC Coding, Auditing and Education


Are you getting the correct reimbursement for your procedures?

Even for the most experienced coder, advanced CPT surgical coding can be a challenge. Our coders are credentialed, trained and reviewed to ensure coding is accurate the first time.

Are your coders up to date on the newest guidelines and applying them correctly?

With yearly CPT coding updates, it can be hard to keep up with all of the new coding guidelines. Partner with HIA to perform a review and see if your coders need any further education.

Does your coding reflect the severity of the patients you are treating?

Coding to the correct specificity can affect your facility's reimbursement. HIA coders assign all relevant codes to accurately reflect the severity of the patient.  

Are your coders following the changes being made to the LCDs and NCDs?

The LCD/NCDs and bulletins are continuously changing and difficult to manage. Partner with HIA to perform a review and see if your coders need any further education.

Do you give feedback to your providers on documentation opportunities?

HIA Consultants can educate your providers on the importance of documenting and reporting appropriately.

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