Our Team


Our Team

Betsy Bailey

Founder & President
32 Years Tenure

Joel Shealy

Executive Vice President
27 Years Tenure

Angie Christen

Executive Vice President
28 Years Tenure

Brett Randolph

Vice President of Client Services
19 Years Tenure

Jean Franza

Vice President of Accounting
22 Years Tenure

Daniel Day

Vice President of Technology
19 Years Tenure

Drew Crawford

Vice President of Business Development
21 Years Tenure

Suzy May

Director of Education and Quality
23 Years Tenure

Colleen McNinney

Director of Operations
8 Years Tenure

Patti Salizzoni

Director of Coding Services
17 Years Tenure

Jillian Poe

Director of Review Services
26 Years Tenure

Faye Grile

Director of Provider and Outsource Services
10 Years Tenure

Donny Oliver

Coding Services Manager
8 Years Tenure

Amanda Roeschke

Director of Staff Recruitment
18 Years Tenure

Beth Ann Moran

Director of Strategic Initiatives
9 Years Tenure

Taylor Hankinson

Director of Marketing
7 Years Tenure

Ohio State

​​​​​"We have had a wonderful experience working with your management staff and your coders! HIA has a well put together program that is heavy on education, your coders are always dependable and responsive to communication. You all put a lot of time into developing coder's skills with performing the quality reviews and we appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing this relationship."

Director of HIM

Children's Hospital in Ohio



"Your team is helping us move forward with process improvements and ensuring our coded data is accurate and of top-notch quality [...] your reviewers have set the gold standard of what a consultant should be. They are both currently performing focused reviews on 100% of the work performed by a couple of coders not meeting our metrics to assess where those coders stand. Their work is very thorough and both are well rounded and bring a great deal knowledge within the coding field with them. I really appreciate having them with us."

Director of Coding

Large Health System with multiple locations in Georgia

Texas state

"Your audits were very helpful, we actually embrace them here! I have perfectionist coders (which is a blessing) and we learn something new every time. Thank you for the time and effort."

Coding Manager

Health & Surgery Center in Texas

Massachussets State

"I wanted to tell you that you all WOW!'ed this group for sure! We were so impressed with the exit conference. HIA consultants keep it real, down to earth and fun! I will be happy to be a reference for any and all that are interested!"

Director of HIM

Community Hospital in Massachusetts

Washington State

"I usually don't go out of my way to send a compliment, but in this case it is deserved. [HIA Coder] has far exceeded all expectations –  attitude and productivity. If we could have ten more just like [her], we would. "

Coding Manager

Teaching Hospital in Washington