Secure Client Portal


Nucleus - HIA's secure client portal


Nucleus, Powered by HIA, is a web application that provides our clients with a secure portal to request services or follow up engagements, run custom reports and manage sensitive information via Document Manager. 

Nucleus allows clients to:

  • Schedule services 
  • Download and upload information via Document Manager
  • Personalize Coding Support and Coding Review Dashboards

Nucleus Coding Review Dashboard

Here's just a peek at what we can offer on-demand:

  • Summary of all findings including overall accuracy rates and potential CMI impact
  • Detailed listing of all accounts with a potential financial impact
  • Diagnosis (overall) accuracy followed by Principal Diagnosis, Secondary Diagnosis, Total CC, Total MCC, Total HAC and Total HCC accuracy rates
  • PCS (overall) accuracy followed by Principal Procedures and Secondary Procedure accuracy rates
  • Patient Safety Indicators (PSI) listed by PSI with any changes to the potential PSI
  • Consolidated summary of coder accuracy rates
  • Individualized coder accuracy breakdown
IP Summary Worksheet Dashboard

Medical Coding Auditing Services

Nucleus - Coding Support Dashboard


Here's just a peek at the transparency we provide:

  • Daily Coding Logs emailed directly 
  • Total records coded 
  • Total charges dropped for the day
  • Total hours worked 
  • Total Queries and Pending Reasons 
  • List of PSI and Quality Measures coded
  • Personalized Coding Support dashboard

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