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Single Path Coding


Single Path Coding


Single Path Coding streamlines workflow by allowing the coder to assign both the facility and professional fee codes for the same record. Whether you are considering, are in the process, or have implemented Single Path Coding, we're here to help.


How we can help


Education - Implementation & Training

We'll help you find a path to a successful implementation. This includes educating your acute care coders on profee coding and your profee coders on acute care coding.


Review - Baseline & On-going audits

Start by performing an initial coding review to identify your specific areas of opportunity. After implementation, we recommend on-going audits to ensure success.


Coding - Interim & Long-term support

Our staff are proficient in Single Path Coding. Before, during or after implementation, HIA has got you covered.


Our comprehensive approach

Our Single Path Coding clients have seen:

  • Increases in overall productivity and accuracy
  • Decreases in claims denials
  • A significant reduction in operational costs
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Download White Paper

How to get started with Single Path Coding

In our White Paper, you'll learn the best steps to take for a successful implementation of Single Path Coding.


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