Medical Coding and Auditing for Urgent Care

Urgent Care


Urgent Care's continue to expand across the United States. Their ability to deliver fast and inexpensive medical treatments outside of the Emergency Room is what attracts patients. HIA's credentialed coders are up-to-date on all coding guidelines for urgent care facilities. Our consulting service identifies specific areas of financial and compliance risk, provides pertinent information and educates clients on proper documentation, billing and coding practices.



Our comprehensive approach

Urgent Care Centers partner with us for:

E/M Free Course

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Evaluation and Management Office or Other Outpatient Services

HIAlearn courses are designed to cover topic areas that impact coding, have been the frequent source of errors by coders and usually affect DRG assignments. This course reviews E/M services based on Time and Medical Decision Making (MDM). 


Medical Coding Auditing Services


Are your providers documenting appropriately to meet current guidelines?

Guidelines change on a frequent basis. Partner with HIA to do an initial review of your documentation and see if your physicians need further education.

Who assigns the codes at your facility?

Depending on who assigns the codes (physician, coder, or both) there may be differing areas of opportunity. Partner with HIA to determine if your coding is optimal and if you are being reimbursed appropriately.

Does your coding accurately reflect patient acuity?

Capturing the appropriate HCC codes can affect the RAF score and your overall reimbursement. HIA reviews and assigns all relevant codes to accurately reflect the patient.  

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