Why Your Organization Needs an Online Medical Coding Education Platform like HIAlearn

HIA recently announced its internal Learning Management System (LMS), HIAlearn, will now offer coding courses for purchase. Pat Maccariella-Hafey, Executive Director of Education at HIA and one of HIAlearn’s instructors, explains the benefits of utilizing a platform like HIAlearn for ongoing coding education for health systems and its coders. 

“Let’s face it, coding is difficult. I have been in the HIM coding profession since 1979, and wow, have I seen a lot of changes! The biggest change has been how complex and intricate coding has become, both ICD-10 and CPT.   Each year brings more codes and changes in guidelines. And the medical technology for diagnosing and treating patients gets more complex and intricate as time goes on. Documentation is involved and plentiful. I can tell you that it is not possible for a coder to know it all, and that is why quality coding education and resources are a must.”

“Providing coding education to your staff is crucial. HIAlearn coding courses were created to provide coders with everything they need to know to assign codes by specific coding topic. We have found that a ‘superficial and general overall’ education does not cut it. Coders need to know the specifics of a coding topic and that is how we approached development of our courses. With over 30 years of auditing experience, HIA knows where the coding problem areas are, and our courses address them problem areas with focused educational content.”

Here are some the benefits of having your coding staff taking our coding courses in HIAlearn:

  • Specific topics that provide detailed education to cover difficult coding topics.
  • Comprehensive education within each course that include explanations, definitions, anatomy, photos, videos, pathology of disease, coding guidelines and references on how to handle trouble areas.
  • Courses are designed to be completed in one hour.
  • Increased coding productivity as coders will have course documents available to use when coding as a reference.
  • Ability to cross train coders in different coding areas in which they are not familiar with.
  • Ability to train for single path coding at your facilities.
  • Your facility does not have to worry about developing educational content on its own.
  • Our course authors have a combined 80 years of experience in the industry across all types of institutions and have been coders, auditors, and educators in all coding topics.

Subscribe today at hialearn.com. Contact us to learn about our group discounts.


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