Unlocking Denial Management Success: Strategies for boosting revenue in acute and professional fee settings

Denial mismanagement can lead to financial loss, increased administrative burden, delayed payments, strained patient relationships, compliance and legal risks, and ultimately, it can damage your organization’s reputation. There are several denial management services and solutions available that can assist your organization in effectively managing denials.

  • Denial analysis and reporting: These services involve analyzing denial data, identifying patterns, and generating comprehensive reports. They help you understand the root causes of denials, track denial trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve your denial management process.
  • Appeals management: Appeals management services assist with the appeals process for denied claims. They help you navigate the appeals process, gather the necessary documentation, write effective appeals letters, and track the progress of appeals to maximize your chances of overturning denials.
  • Training and education: A quality denial management service should offer training and educational resources (like HIAlearn) for your staff that include providing updates on coding and billing practices, payer policies, and documentation guidelines, ensuring that your team stays informed and equipped to reduce denials.
  • Coding and documentation audits: A denial management service reviews your coding practices and documentation for accuracy and compliance and identify any coding errors or documentation deficiencies that could lead to denials, helping you make necessary improvements.

Many organizations lack the internal resources to appropriately and successfully appeal denials, so it is not surprising that many denials are upheld by the payer or never even appealed. This results in lost revenue and compromised data integrity. While understanding the reason for denials is important, identifying the root causes for the denials is critical in reducing future liabilities.

HIA’s denial management service will assist your organization with:

  • Reviewing applicable denied and/or rejected claims
  • Determining if an appeal is warranted
  • Facilitating appeal process including authoring of appeal letter, tracking and adjudication
  • Analyzing denials and assessing operations to determine root causes
  • Providing corrective action recommendations, education to applicable stakeholders



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