Increase your coding auditor's productivity with Atom Audit

When Coding Departments are not running smoothly, it can take a toll on the entire organization. For instance, if your auditing team is understaffed, it can lead to compliance risks, unrecouped funds, increased risk in claims denials and unchecked coding errors.  

Using a coding audit tool can help increase the overall productivity of your existing auditing team, allowing you to do more with less without getting tied down in cumbersome manual processes. 

As the year ends, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are there audit projects left unfinished?  
  • Were our audit project objectives effective and results driven? 
  • Did our auditors consistently meet their productivity requirements? 
  • Were we able to easily run audit reports and share with other departments? 
  • Were we able to compare data and identify trends? 
  • Have we identified educational opportunities for our coding staff? 

Utilizing a medical coding audit platform can automate your team's processes, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively. HIA’s medical coding audit platform, Atom Audit, allows auditors to perform comprehensive medical coding reviews and quickly run customized reports.  

Atom Audit can increase your productivity 

Atom Audit can increase your auditor’s productivity. Here is a look at the number of charts reviewed per auditor in an 8-hour day using Atom.  

Productivity for auditors in Atom Audit

Run customized on-demand reports with Atom Audit

Atom’s on-demand reports include: 

  • Summary of all findings including overall accuracy rates and potential CMI impact 
  • Detailed listing of all accounts with a potential financial impact 
  • Diagnosis (overall) accuracy followed by Principal Diagnosis, Secondary Diagnosis, Total CC, Total MCC, Total HAC (Hospital Acquired Condition) and Total HCC accuracy rates 
  • PCS (overall) accuracy followed by Principal Procedures and Secondary Procedure accuracy rates 
  • Patient Safety Indicators (PSI) listed by PSI with any changes to the potential PSI 
  • Consolidated summary of coder accuracy rates 
  • Individualized coder accuracy breakdown 

Work smarter, not harder in 2023 and implement Atom Audit.


Modules for Atom Audit

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