HIA Launches 'Buddy Up' Program for New Hires

Health Information Associates implemented the "Buddy Up" program in 2019.

This past year, HIA implemented “Buddy Up,” a program designed to help the new hire have a smooth transition into their new HIA roles with the assistance of a “buddy.”

What is a Buddy?

The Buddy is simply a peer who can guide the new hire in order to make them feel more comfortable. We are very proud of this program and have many success stories that we would like to share. Take a look at the wonderful feedback we have received below.

Thank you to all of our amazing People Behind The Numbers who have volunteered their time to be a buddy!

Thank you! I wanted to let you know that the buddy program was VERY helpful for me. My Buddy was so kind and always there when I need anything or had any questions. It was so nice to have this communication with a coworker, it helped me to feel like I had made a friend and that I could reach out to them if I needed. My Buddy would provide me with suggestions and would always make sure I wasn’t having any issues. The support was awesome!

My buddy is great. She has been keeping track of me. She is super friendly and helpful. This is a great program. Thank you.

I appreciate having someone to go to with my general questions and not have to bother my Manager.

I have asked questions for advice on things (not specific charts – just in general) and she has followed up. It’s nice to have the communication with someone too.

At first, I admit I was shocked that she was not an inpatient coder, I was thinking how we are going to relate. Then I reread what the buddy system was all about. So now I am looking at my buddy as my friend at work and we are sharing and getting along and sharing life stories. So yes, it’s going well.

Everything is going well with my buddy, she has been helpful and has answered lots of questions for me.

Even after my orientation ended, my Buddy has continued to be very kind to me. I really appreciate her support.

My Buddy frequently checked in on me and would always make sure I wasn’t having any issues. The support was awesome!

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