Challenges Facing ASCs in 2019

Apr 10, 2019

“With highly complex rules and requirements seemingly changing by the day, a widespread lack of awareness about coding compliance is a continual challenge for many ASCs.” –Becker’s ASC Review.

Scrutiny of coding compliance in the growing ambulatory surgical center (ASC) market has increased in recent years from both Medicare and private payers.

This will only increase as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) moves towards value-based care. This shift not only changes requirements for quality reporting – it also impacts reimbursement.

The need for quality coding has never been greater.

We understand that most ASCs don’t have the luxury of a dedicated coding manager, much less an educator and internal auditor like acute facilities do. As a result, facilities may be experiencing the following challenges:

  • Ensuring optimal reimbursement
  • Claims denials, audits, fines, and exclusion from federal payer programs
  • No ‘go-to’ resource for coding advice/educational and developmental resources

Health Information Associates’ ASC Coding offerings were developed specifically for ASCs to help navigate these challenges.

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