Sepsis Coding

This eBook simplifies sepsis medical coding, explaining its complexities, how to accurately document and code for ICD-10-CM, including diagnosis sequencing, severe sepsis reporting, clinical indicators for diagnosis support, and strategies to prevent sepsis denials.

What's included:

✓ What is Sepsis?
✓ Sequencing and Diagnosis of Sepsis
✓ What is Severe Sepsis?
✓ Are Clinical Indicators Present to Support the Diagnosis of Sepsis?
✓ Reasons for Denials and Prevention 
Sepsis Coding

Download our Free Sepsis Coding Self Assessment


Enhance your sepsis coding skills with this free self-assessment. Analyze a provided scenario and respond to four questions to test your knowledge.


Sepsis Coding Course

HIAlearn offers over 250 medical coding courses, catering to both new and seasoned coders among its 1,600+ user community, spanning complex procedures to broad coding concepts. Its Sepsis Coding Course emphasizes comprehensive knowledge of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions related to sepsis, including bacteremia, septicemia, SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock, underlining the necessity of understanding these conditions for accurate ICD-10 reporting. This course provides access to multiple Coding Clinics, ensuring coders acquire a thorough understanding of sepsis coding procedures.


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