Introducing HIA’s Cloud-Based Audit Software, Atom Audit

Health Information Associates (HIA), celebrating their 30th year as a leading provider of quality coding audits and coding support services, is proud to announce Atom Audit its new proprietary medical coding audit and data analytics platform.

Atom Audit is an easy-to-use and intuitive coding review application, with a customizable reporting dashboard, that enables auditors to efficiently and effectively manage the entire audit lifecycle. Originally developed for HIA’s internal use and client reporting, clients expressed interest in using the tool for their own review processes. Among its many features, the platform gives users the ability to turn robust and itemized audit insights into actionable next steps.

Brett Randolph, Vice President of Client Services and former Health Information Management (HIM) Director at a large health system, speaks from experience.

“Those in the HIM field know when you get that Friday afternoon call from administration saying you failed a quality measure, you often hear that it was a coding issue. If I had Atom Audit back then, I would have had all the relevant data at my fingertips to prepare an informed response,” says Randolph.

Atom Audit provides clients with significantly more functionality than a spreadsheet or other antiquated manual process. Our proprietary audit tool leads to more actionable insight and, ultimately, better coding.

“Our team is excited to continue building cloud-based software that streamlines Inpatient, Outpatient and Professional Fee auditing,” says Daniel Day, Vice President of Technology at HIA. “Delivering to clients is our utmost priority and we create every software service, used both internally and externally, with the expertise that they demand. Like the coding industry, our platform will never stop evolving.”

“HIA’s success lies in providing tools to our staff that allow them to be as efficient and effective as possible. We are excited to bring this capability to our clients and will continue to provide the most innovative and forward-thinking audit platform on the market,” says Betsy Bailey, President and Chief Executive Officer of HIA.

For more information and to sign up for a free demo, visit Atom Audit.

About Health Information Associates


For 30 years, HIA has provided the highest-quality coding review and support services in the industry. Our goal is to set a standard of excellence in our field, built on a foundation of Experience, Expertise and Education. HIA provides peace of mind so that hospitals and physician practices can run efficiently and focus on what really matters – keeping patients safe and employees happy. For more information, visit or call 866-HIA-CODE.


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