Coronavirus: Tips for Working from Home

Companies around the world have told their employees to stay home and work remotely. Whether you’re new to this concept or a work from home veteran, here’s some tips to staying productive from our #HIAfamily.

My passion is classic cars and now that I’m home I can attend more classic car shows in the area even during the week. Right now they are all postponed due to the virus but I can still get out and drive!

How do I stay motivated?

The countdown to Friday and the weekend!

~Thom Wylam


My cat, Percy, is one of my favorite things about working from home.  He shares my desk with me in the mornings.

My best tip is to have a routine for the day and stick to it.  Just as if you were going into an office.  For me, it makes things go more smoothly to stay in that routine day after day.

~Sue Poteat


As far as staying motivated while working from home, I like to play my favorite music in the background while working. My house if quiet now that all the kids are gone, and if it’s too quiet my mind starts to stray a bit. My favorite thing about working from home is the flexibility of the work hours.  If I can’t sleep, I get up and work super early in the morning.  Also, it’s easier to work around any appointments I might have during the day. 😉

~Patti Kulp


For me personally, my favorite things about working remotely…

  • I don’t have to wake up extra early (2 hours earlier than my clock-in time) in order to get myself and my kids ready to get out of the door
  • I can work in the most comfortable attire
  • I don’t have to battle traffic on a daily basis
  • I can avoid office drama that is common in large office spaces
  • I don’t have to pack my lunch and therefore have access to my entire kitchen to make wise choices for lunch
  • I can use my lunch hour to go for a run or a bike ride and come back sweaty without bothering my coworkers with my BO (haha)
  • I can have a flexible schedule to drop off and pick up my kids from school
  • Most of all, at this time in our lives, I can avoid being exposed to others being sick! (aka coronavirus).

And all of the above benefits in addition to great pay and benefits with the best employer in the world!

So why wouldn’t someone not want to work from home??

~Crystal Mendiola


I would encourage everyone working from home to:

  • Get up and get dressed. Staying in PJs seems fun, but not taking that extra time for yourself can be ‘depressing’.
  • Take breaks – step outside and breath in the Spring season fastly approaching
  • Find something to do with your hands:  A jigsaw puzzle in the evening can be fun for all family members, and keeps you out of the refrig!  Rumicube  or a board card tossed in the back of the closet – time to pull it out.
  • Get those planting beds ready.  Rake the dead leaves, and turn the soil.  You will be ready to plant when the trucks finally arrive and stores are ready for shopping again.
  • Eat up the stored canned goods and freezer content – a good time to use stored items.
  • Find a purpose – call the neighbors to check on them.  Share good vibes.
  • Live your faith – that this will pass, all things are possible, God is in control.  Americans can and will be responsible citizens to each other and to the world.

~Deborah Johnson


If you have kids at home, work when they are sleeping.  Even if you are getting up at 4am, which sounds crazy but that is what I did when I started working from home.  I would love insomnia driven mornings where I was tired of the tossing an turning so I would start working at 1am or so.  That way, I was still able have time with the kiddos and get all the household things done.

Favorite thing about working from home…NO COMMUTE!  NO DRIVE TIME!  It was like getting a bonus of extra time!

~Hope Arriaza


You get to use your own bathroom!!! You get to control the temperature in your workplace. Oh and no downtime from getting off of work and going to your next activity….

~Tracey Grayer


I love walking my dog on my lunch break or afternoon break.  Gets me out in the fresh air and sunshine!  I return to my work refreshed and with a clear head.  😊

~Pat Macc


Having a furry assistant available to stress release.  Nothing like doggie kisses!

~Carrie Maurer


I love working from home because of the convivence and flexibility especially with having kids. Although my kids are old enough and are self-sufficient, it’s nice to be available to them when needed. I also like having to not get ‘dressed’ up for work! And the not having to drive to work in the winter is a plus especially living in Iowa the winters are very long.

~Amber Christopher


My favorite thing about being able to work from home is being there when my teenage daughter gets home from school.  I am able to know who comes in my home to hang with her and to help her if she has questions on homework or any other things that come up for her during the day while it is still fresh in her mind.

~Donna Franke


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